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In its simplest form the word ‘Fidelity’ implies the faithful or loyal performance of a duty. Losses arising from a lack of Fidelity in the form of dishonesty of employee may cause disruption and losses to the company. However, it can be insured against in the form of Fidelity insurance.
At AMI, we can provide coverage for the loss of cash or goods due to dishonesty & disloyalty of your staff and you will be fully compensated for the loss by investing in very small amount of premium.


  • Provide Lump Sum benefits for loss of cash due to dishonesty of employee

Insured Period

  • The term of the policy will be 1 year


  • The customer must provide evidence for the loss of cash


  • Any businesses are eligible to apply for the coverage


  • Premium amount may vary depending on the sum insured
  • 1% of Sum Insured for Government enterprises and bank
  • 2% of Sum Insured for private owned enterprises and companies
  • Premium must be paid by lump sum payment
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