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Sport Sportsmen are prone to different types of injury while training or during a competition. Sometimes, these injuries can be fatal and may cause death. Thus, it is important to have a coverage to protect against negative financial impact which could result from medical expenses or even against unfortunate death. At AMI, we provide coverage for sportsmen not only at the competitions but also in trainings. We also provide coverage even if the competition or training is at the territory out of the country.


  • Death Benefit: Lump Sum Payment according to the nos. of units purchased
  • Injury Benefit: Compensation is payable according to scale of injury prescribed by the Regulatory Body subjected to certified doctor’s assessment

Insured Period

  • The term of the policy will be 1 year


  • Customer can buy up to 5 units of Sportsman Insurance
  • Sum insured is ranged from 1,000,000 per unit to 5,000,000 for 5 units
  • The coverage is only valid for the death or injury sustained during the training or competition within the country.
  • Customer is required to pay additional Short Period Premium to get coverage for the training or competition outside the country
  • Only customer who has already purchased the sportsman insurance is eligible to purchase additional coverage for training or competition outside the country


  • Age Limit: 10 to 60 years


  • Kyats 5,000 for 1 unit, can buy up to maximum 5 units
  • Premium must be paid by lump sum payment
  • Short Period Premiums for coverage outside the country: 7 days – Kyats 500 (must be paid before leaving the country) 1 month – Kyats 1000 (must be paid before leaving the country)
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